Re-Membering Mom and Dad

As I was sitting on the deck recently, my thoughts drifted to my father (it was his birthday) who passed away almost two years ago.  Just then a song came on from my shuffle mix – it was a song my wife Jen commissioned, shortly before my mom passed away in 2006.   Jen worked with an amazing songwriter, Anna Huckabee Tull (Custom Crafted Songs),  to create two songs about my mom.

Music can trigger memories…keeping special people close to us, even when they are no longer present.  The word remember, loosely translated, means to make a member again (re-member).  So today I re-member my mom and dad and share my wife’s note and the two songs that she had created for me…I hope they bring you joy, and perhaps help you to make your own memories of special people in your life.

Jen: ” In the fall of 2005 a listserve conversation was initiated by my husband, Tony Silbert, around the topic of healing conversations, particularly those having to do with family healing around death and dying.  On March 6, 2006, Tony’s mother, Lynne LaMarche, passed away peacefully after a five-year battle with lung cancer.  Before her passing, however, I had the opportunity to build on our family’s healing conversations in a manner that translated stories into song.  I collaborated with a new friend of mine (whose husband Tony and I had met in Guyana, believe it or not), Anna Huckabee Tull.  Anna is a commissioned singer-songwriter (and accomplished psychologist) who has a natural gift for cutting straight to the meaningful center of feelings, emotions, and stories.  My “secret” partnership with her (without Tony’s knowing) resulted in the composition of two very special songs — music that Tony and I found profoundly healing during our time of grief.  These lyrics continue to breath life to our very precious memories of Lynne.

I dedicated these songs to my loving husband, Tony, in honor of his unconditional loyalty to family, and his capacity to see the radiant light that shines in every person, his mom in particular.  I also dedicate these songs to Lynne for her enduring positive attitude, loving smile, and friendly Kentucky “Hi Hon!” greeting she shared with everyone she met. From our healing hearts to yours, may you find peace in the magic of song.”

Here are the songs:

Here is a link to Anna Huckabee Tull’s website:

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