About Joan

The exquisite love and intimacy my parents and I shared during their dying times made me ask: Why don’t we love this wholeheartedly before death is at the door? How can I experience this rewarding connection again? How can I help others to discover the bond that is possible? How can I live my life with resilience and zest?

These questions piqued my curiosity and I searched for answers. Healing Conversations are one answer. Their essential qualities became clear as I reflected upon the experience with my parents and years of conversations with my elder aunt, students, friends, and hospice patients.

Other outcomes of that inquiry are also incorporated into my life and practice. I offer you what I learned so that you, too, can: 1) Create the loving connections we all yearn for — the connections that make us fully human, the connections that call forth the best of our spirits.  2) Discover ways of creating the life that nurtures and reveals our souls’ desires.

I am a born teacher/learner and have taught in a two-room schoolhouse and graduate schools, and have consulted with organizations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  My doctorate is in counseling psychology.  I taught in two universities; once I was approved for tenure, I left academia and devoted full time to coaching, writing, and consulting,

I see and live possibilities others may not dare to dream.  I facilitate people and groups to go beyond their imagined limitations and live more rewarding lives. My work relies on intuition and guidance from Spirit.

The present focus of my work is awakening others to what is possible, what life is calling them to do.  If you are struggling with aging, wanting more fulfilling relationships, dealing with death, or seeking a more meaningful life, I will guide and support you as you search.  You will be prompted to find creative ways of facing life’s challenges, grow through them, and discover options and resources you didn’t know were available.

You may engage me as a coach to individuals, couples, or organizations; or as a facilitator/trainer or speaker on topics of relationships, aging, loving,
and living fuller, more satisfying lives at any age.

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Personal website:   www.joanchad.com
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Phone:  207-232-5766 or 207-828-1339