Three Tips to Start Your Own Healing Conversation NOW

Tip 1 – The Power of Questions:  Positive & Open-ended Every healing conversation starts with a question. Not just any type of question, but an open-ended and positively biased question that evokes affirming memories and invite life-giving stories. Instead of asking about a problem or what the elder wants to avoid, we might ask, “Please […]

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The Healing Conversation Movement has begun!

All GREAT movements require a bold idea or vision that can connect people around a common cause, set of values, complimentary work, and PASSION!  We think that Healing Conversations Now is a movement whose time has come. The idea is simple:  Ask open-ended and positively-biased questions to enhance relationships with elders and dying loved ones. […]

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An Interview With Dr. Bill Thomas

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RealCareNowTV: Healing Conversations at the End of Life   Meaningful and positive conversations begin with a good question, author Tony Silbert tells Dr. Bill Thomas in this edition of RealCareNowTV, exploring Silbert’s new book, “Healing Conversations Now, Enhance Relationships with Elders and Dying Loved Ones.”

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