About HCN

HCN provides specific examples of Healing Stories, Essential Skills, and the “1, 2, 3’s” of Healing Conversations Now. Questions and Conversation Starters help you open the door to begin. Anticipating how to deal with unexpected and difficult circumstances helps you to navigate the ambiguity of not knowing what the response to questions might be.  Sometimes the hardest step is getting started.  The Essentials and “1, 2, 3’s” help you do that.

What is Healing: When we talk about healing, it does not mean physical recovery as much as  as emotional, interpersonal, spiritual, and personal well-being through connection.  If the fundamental “dis-ease” toward end of life is isolation, healing conversations now provide the bridge to connecting more deeply.  Healing Conversations Now gives you the tools and examples that make it easier to take that first step.

The power of the story:  HCN demonstrates the power of deep connection through story.  Story after story provide examples to inspire and guide you as you explore healing conversations with elders and loved ones.

The power of the positive:  Healing conversations are built on the foundation of Appreciative Inquiry – the notion that positively biased, open-ended questions are the best way to explore and to learn about one another.  This intentional positive focus will deepen the relationship while minimizing defensiveness and judgment.

The power of just getting started:  You never know until you try.  HCN gives you practical, applicable advice you can use today.  You will find relevant Stories and example Conversation Starters to inspire ideas for your own conversations.  The most important thing, start NOW, before it’s too late.

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