Testimonials and Endorsements

"This unique and useful book offers each of us tools to create conversations that deepen the spiritual and personal well being of both the caregiver and those in their care. In this new way of having exchanges, a deepening relationship is the reward to be discovered."
Connie Goldman, author of "The Gifts of Caregiving - Stories of Hardship, Hope and Healing",
If you don't know how to start the conversation with an elder or dying loved one - this is the book for you! Healing Conversations Now gives you easy to understand, insightful tools, and shows you how to use them. The book is filled with story examples and conversation starters that make it easy for you see your own situation more clearly and to help you know what to ask, say, and do. A helpful read for professional caregivers and family members alike.
Mary Vargas,
We accept, without thinking, the idea that conversations about aging and the end of life must be 'hard.' While it is true that such discussions can stir unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotions, what has yet to be appreciated is how powerful and HEALING such conversations can be. This book leads readers skillfully into the world of 'Healing Conversations.' No jargon. No nonsense. No fluff. This book is a guide to the most important conversations you and your family will ever have."
Dr. William Thomas, Introduced the Eden Alternative, Founder the Green House Project,
I have 2 aging (in their 80's) parents and over the past few years there are visible, audible and physical shifts occurring with them. This book is helping me frame loving conversations with them as the life-death process is evolving. What a great gift this book is to all of us to be able to begin to understand our loved ones (be it parents, relatives, friends) by actively engaging with them through appreciative inquiry.
Thank you Joan and Tony for creating this amazing book.

Anne Lancaster,
"What I liked most about this book is summed up in one sentence: 'You are not there to fix anything.' Partway through the book, I realized that I felt as though I were in a conversation with the authors and all of the characters whose stories are sprinkled throughout the chapters. We readers are not asked to change, but simply to become who we are, to listen and appreciate."
Kali Lightfoot, Executive Director the National Resource Center of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute,