Our Community and Friends

The movement has begun, and it’s called Healing Conversations Now! 

As with any movement, it requires a bold idea or vision that can connect and unite people around a common cause, set of values, complimentary work, and PASSION!  Below are some of the amazing people that are helping to bring this movement to life:


Dr. Bill Thomas is a visionary leader in the online Changing Aging movement and a world-renowned authority on geriatric medicine and eldercare. Bill is founder of two movements to reshape long-term care globally – The Eden Alternative and Green House Project.

The Taos Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of social constructionist theory and practice for purposes of world benefit. Constructionist theory and practice locate the source of meaning, value, and action in communicative relations among people. Our major investment is in fostering relational processes that can enhance the welfare of people and the world in which they live.

Mary Vargas Is an active advocate of the Healing Conversations Now (HCN) movement and has been instrumental in research, development, and support for the website, community, and innovation pilots.  As an organization development specialist, Mary incorporates elements of HCN and Appreciative Inquiry into her work.

Alpert School of Medicine at Brown UniversityTony is working with Dr. Michelle Daniel to redesign medical education modules for end of life conversations, family meetings, and difficult conversations/advanced directives.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI):  OLLI is a membership organization for those age 50 and older who want to participate in a community of fellow learners. There are no exams, no grades, and no requirements for an academic degree. In fact, no previous experience or degree is necessary, just a desire to learn for the joy of it!  Tony Silbert teaches a course on Healing Conversations Now at the OLLI at URI.  Joan Chadbourne teaches at the OLLI at University of Southern Maine.

Spartina Consulting is a global consulting firm that specializes in strength-based and high-engagement  approaches to strategy, innovation, organization development, and large-scale positive change.  Tony Silbert is a co-founding partner of Spartina.