How Do You Create a Legacy? How Will You Capture Life Memories?


Have you ever thought of capturing a loved one’s legacy? How might you go about it? What would you want to capture? What would be most important to share with future generations? Pictures? Stories? Video? Tony and Mary recently spoke with Lisa Dinga, and she told them about her experience creating a Living Legacy video […]

The Power of Starting: Just Start – Listen – See Where the Conversation Leads You Both…

Here is a note from my friend Randy. It illustrates clearly how important and easy it is to get conversations with our loved ones started. This is the “Now” in Healing Conversations Now. Sometimes I think we believe we need to have all the answers before we begin; this holds us back. Often, simply starting […]

She Said Yes: A Healing Conversation with Alzheimer’s

This post was contributed by Healing Conversations Now Reader, Aaron W.  Please keep your stories coming! The substance of relationship is communication. Even our shared history with loved ones is shaped and remembered through language. This is the reason that healing conversations have such transformative power, because through conversation we can complete past conflicts and […]