Changing the Conversation around Death and Dying


In 2011 I published Healing Conversations Now: Enhance Relationships with Elders and Dying Loved Ones as a way to help people have meaningful and powerful conversations toward end of life. Whether to enhance/mend relationships, make sense of a serious diagnosis, to find peace and acceptance, or love them goodbye. These ‪end of life #EOL conversations […]

Re-Membering Mom and Dad

As I was sitting on the deck recently, my thoughts drifted to my father (it was his birthday) who passed away almost two years ago.  Just then a song came on from my shuffle mix – it was a song my wife Jen commissioned, shortly before my mom passed away in 2006.   Jen worked with an […]

The time for Healing Conversations is NOW!

I was recently asked to speak at the Ignite Southern RI event, their tagline “Enlighten Us, but make it quick.”  I had 5 minutes to share a powerful story.  I was inspired to share my story behind the book, the power of healing conversations in my own life, and to urge others to have them […]