Powerful Conversation: A 10-year old interviews her Grandmother

While at a presentation, Tony had the opportunity to meet Sarah Ryan. As a nurse, she connected deeply with Healing Conversations and the power they bring to relationships. Excerpts from Sarah’s letter are below, highlighting an interview Avery (Sarah’s granddaughter) did for a school assignment. Out of the interview came an amazingly insightful poem, through […]

What I learned from Mrs. O. – Healing Conversations

Tony (Silbert) and Mary (Vargas) had the opportunity to present a session at the Aging in America Conference in March 2014 in San Diego.  In that session, one of the participants shared a lovely story about Mrs. O, a patient she got to know through her work as a social worker at a nursing home. […]

The Power of Starting: Just Start – Listen – See Where the Conversation Leads You Both…

Here is a note from my friend Randy. It illustrates clearly how important and easy it is to get conversations with our loved ones started. This is the “Now” in Healing Conversations Now. Sometimes I think we believe we need to have all the answers before we begin; this holds us back. Often, simply starting […]

What About the Tough Personalities in My Life?

Thanks Mary V. for your insightful post below.  How would you engage a loved one that you have a strained relationship with? Having a warm, comforting conversation with someone at the end of life is easier to do if you have fond memories.  Then there are the people with whom you probably really should have […]

The time for Healing Conversations is NOW!

I was recently asked to speak at the Ignite Southern RI event, their tagline “Enlighten Us, but make it quick.”  I had 5 minutes to share a powerful story.  I was inspired to share my story behind the book, the power of healing conversations in my own life, and to urge others to have them […]